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Degree Overview

In the Game Art degree program concentration, your training will include the foundation of game design mechanics, gameplay principles, interactivity, and the means for creating and refining game content. Building on that foundation, as well as the technical aspects of 3D animation software and game engines, you will create visually impressive gaming environments that tell meaningful stories, convey thoughtfulness, create emotion and are just all around fun to play.

The Game Art degree program concentration is all about designing, creating, and bringing to life the visual components of games in a highly-collaborative teaching environment that simulates a working studio.

Course Highlights

Introduction to 3D Modeling University of Silicon Valley students are introduced to the creation of 3D organic and industrial models using software. Course topics include modeling construction using polygon and spline-based techniques, texture mapping and applying these to creation of 3D models.
Environment Art This game art course focuses on development and design practices used by concept designers. University of Silicon Valley students apply professional marker and/or CG techniques and media as an approach to concept drawings and renderings.
Level Design Focus from this game art class is given to the design and implementation of immersive player experiences, college students will be using commercial game engines and level editors. Course topics will cover scripting interactive level sequences, particle systems, development and use of custom assets, in-game cinematics and choreography and more.

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