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USV Outreach Center

The USV Outreach Team is here to spice up your classroom or event with some awesome in-person or virtual presentations.

We’ve got a bunch of cool topics ready to roll, just waiting to make your day. We’re all about customizing our focus to give your students the lowdown on USV and how it can be their college destination. Our presentations are like secret scrolls of knowledge to prep them for their college journey.

Meet Our Outreach Heroes!

Classroom & Event Presentations

The USV Outreach Team is your friendly neighborhood education squad, and we’re here to make your classroom epic! 

Ready to dive into the adventure? Just fill out the following form, or we’ll swoop in with our presentation magic in-person or on Zoom—your call!

Got questions? Shoot us an email at admissions@usv.edu. We’re here to help you make learning fun! 

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Share USV with Your Students

Download our view book, share the incredible work done by real USV students on our YouTube, and check out the scholarships that are available to both students and you!

USV View Book

Download a digital profile of the University of Silicon Valley

USV YouTube Channel

Explore the incredible and award-winning content produced by our Real World Project Studios™

USV Grants & Scholarships

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of grants and scholarships

Educators' Grant

USV offers an educators' grant for our Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, which can be completed in as little as one year!