Student Life

Weirdly Wired. And That's How We Like It.

Get in the Game of Student Life

At USV, students feel free to let their freak, geek, and nerd flags fly! 

Because our student body is an epic example of a place where nerd-dom rules, and students get to share their journey with a crew of fellow nerds ready to live, learn and dominate this thing called student life. 

Scroll down to learn more about what’s going on here for students at USV and how to get involved, or use the menu in that teal/blue section to navigate directly to your intended resource. 

Your Gateway to the Need-to-Know Stuff and More

Our student portal is the place to get all the info on the things you need to know, IT help, and other important resources. Meet your advisor, find tutoring for your classes, access your course schedule, and much more. Click here to login to your student portal, or here to login to your Canvas account. 

Student and faculty emails at the University of Silicon Valley are handled through Outlook. Click here to login to your student email. If you would like to install your student email onto your mobile device, download these directions to set it up on your iPhone or Android phone. 

If you are having issues logging into your account, or cannot remember your login information, please contact the IT Help Desk here.

Events at USV

Find All the Latest Happenings Here

Events just for fun, future career prep, or events to ignite that creative spark—we’ve got them all. 

Student Housing

Living Student Life for Real

Want to be close to campus and where the action is? USV offers luxury housing options to help you get the most out of your USV experience. Plus–it’s a great way to get to know your peers and make life-long connections. 

Clubs & Esports

Set Your Inner Savage Free

On our Esports team where you slay the competition as a Dragon should, or in one of our cool clubs where you get to be who you are with people who get you and your interests. 

Career Services

Multiplayer Support for Your Dream Job

We’ll help you start upping your game from the day you step on campus to the day you graduate and beyond. You do your part by learning the mad skills, and we’ll do our part by providing all the support you need to launch your career into the stratosphere!

The USV Store

Gear Up with Dragon Merch

Add to your geek hoard with USV-branded Esports jerseys, apparel, drinkware, bags, and more. Wear your dragon pride on your sleeve, chest, back, head, and wherever else your heart desires. To order your own customizable Dragons Esports jersey, use this link here