Returning Students

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USV’s “Quick Resume” Feature Allows You to Continue Your Quest Right Where You Left Off

At the University of Silicon Valley, we understand that life happens, just like when you play your favorite game you must turn off the console and resume your journey later. We have some good news for you, USV’s re-entry program allows you to save your progress* and continue your educational journey when you are ready.

The Re-entry Program at USV is here to help you jump back into the game! Whether you’ve been on a side quest or paused for a bit, we’ve got your back. We’ll make your transition back to school smooth, answering all your questions and conquering any concerns. Let’s power up and get you back on track!

*Re-entry requires a program evaluation by academic advising.

How to Re-Enter USV

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Step 1: Fill Out the Form

That's it! A Re-entry Specialist will contact you with more information and help you on your journey to re-enroll at USV.

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