About Us


More than 135 years of celebrating nerd-dom

Welcome to the University of Silicon Valley, your first level to a career in gaming, digital animation, audio production, and more.

In our team-based, multi-player culture, you’ll tackle problems like they’re enemy bots surrounded by a diverse bunch of wildly imaginative nerds like you collaborating with other majors, working on projects for top tech companies in Silicon Valley, and getting real-world experience to stay ahead of industry trends.

You’ll create real animated shorts, write computer programs, and develop mind-blowing games and audio tracks! We’ve got top-notch music studios, computer labs filled with the latest software, and on-campus clubs for Esports and all things student life. Employers are itching to hire our grads because they know we don’t just do lectures; we work in real studios and labs, honing our skills to tackle real-world situations like champs!

The Silicon Valley Connection

A stone's throw from tech pros

The USV campus is located smack dab in the heart of Silicon Valley, the USA’s ultimate tech and innovation hub! Get ready to be immersed in a total nerd paradise, surrounded by over 6,600 tech companies in San Jose, including the giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook. And wait, it doesn’t end there – nearby San Francisco boasts bigshots like SalesForce, Uber, and Airbnb!

The best part? The demand for creative tech jobs here is through the roof, with job growth double the pace of the entire U.S. market! There are nearly 4 million jobs in the Bay Area, and it’s only getting hotter! So, if you’re looking to ride the wave of innovation, you’re in the perfect spot!


Our profs are players

Our highly skilled profs are like make-believe mentors with extensive industry experience, a passion for bringing out your unique talents, and expertise in the latest gaming, animation, and audio techniques. And because our class sizes are smaller, they can adapt to your needs like a turbo-charged Ninja. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with a killer portfolio the industry bigwigs love.


We started teaching tech before there was a Silicon Valley

Introducing the legendary Dr. Henry Daniel Cogswell, a highly accomplished dentist, educator, and real estate investor who emerged as one of San Francisco’s earliest millionaires. Notably, he pioneered the vacuum method for securing dental plates and performed California’s inaugural dental operation utilizing chloroform.

Driven by his belief that educated individuals would be vital in solving future challenges, Dr. Cogswell established Cogswell Polytechnical College on March 19, 1887. The institution focused on providing technical education for boys and business education for girls–a pioneering endeavor during that era.

Throughout the decades, this distinguished college, the sole of its kind west of the Mississippi, flourished and notably served as an inspiration to his close associate, Leland Stanford, in establishing Stanford University.

Adapting to the changing times, the college ventured into diverse domains, offering electrical engineering courses in the 1970s and 1980s, followed by digital audio, game design, and animation in later years.

In a reflection of its commitment to preparing students for success in the dynamic gaming, digital animation, and audio production industries, the college has recently been rebranded as the University of Silicon Valley (USV). This transformation symbolizes its expertise in delivering real-world education, poised to shape future professionals in these thriving sectors.