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At USV, we’re committed to more than just our students’ success. 

We’re invested in the success of the amazing companies we’ve built partnerships with, in the Bay Area and across the country. Our diverse and talented pool of students and alumni bring the creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills employers are looking for–and then some. 

Is your next superstar at USV? Let’s find out! 

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Connect the right talent to your jobs

You bring the jobs, and we’ll deliver the creative talent you need to take your business to the next level! Just email your job listing and we’ll do the rest. 

Alumni Success

Check out where previous dragons have landed

Our alumni have a lot to be proud of. They’ve launched their own epic careers with industry giants like Google, Disney, Intel, Pixar, Apple, and more! 

Work with USV Students

Real-World Work with Real-World Clients

Got a multimedia project in mind, but need a talented team of creatives to bring it to life? Bring your project to the USV MediaWorks studio! Here, students can collaborate on real-world projects from real clients in a traditional pipeline with guidance and insight from their industry instructors. The students get to work hands-on with real clients and add real projects to their portfolios, and you get a shiny new multimedia project. It’s a win-win!