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The University of Silicon Valley is committed to providing qualified students an equal opportunity to attain an education–regardless of disability. 

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Disability Services

The College affords reasonable accommodations and aids to students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and California law.

An individual with a disability is a person who: (a) as defined by law, has a physical or mental impairment which limits one or more life activities (such as walking, seeing, speaking, learning, or working); and b) has a written record with the College documenting the impairment.

A qualified student or applicant is an individual with a disability who satisfies and can continue to satisfy all of the standards required of students at the College.

Accommodations are such learning aids (not personal equipment), assistance measures, and limited modifications to the non-fundamental course, program, or educational services, as are necessary and effective for the individual, if reasonable to provide at the College. Accommodations do not include exemption from academic performance standards or from behavior standards including those of the Code of Conduct. To be eligible to continue at the College, the student or applicant must meet the qualifications and requirements expected generally of its students, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Fundamental aspects of the program include but are not limited to timely satisfaction of all academic standards, compliance with the Code of Conduct, and with other College policies.

In the event that a request for reasonable accommodation is denied, the College may choose to afford the student temporary measures of flexibility, which are not based on the asserted disability issue, but which may otherwise be considered appropriate, if it does not alter a fundamental aspect of the program. In such cases, such temporary measures will not be a precedent nor will it be a reasonable accommodation, and the student will not be regarded as an individual with a disability.

Accommodation Registration Process

Students requesting accommodations must initiate a disability-related request for accommodation each semester. It is recommended that students begin the disability accommodation registration process at least four weeks prior to the start of each semester, although the College will consider the merits of each request at the time the request is received. Students who request accommodation of a disability should contact the Dean of Students, who will assist and advise them in their registration and accommodation request procedures.

The student is required to submit reasonable medical documentation supporting the registration and accommodations request, in addition to completing the Accommodations Request Form (listed above). A list of suggested documentation can be found on the college website. The College has the discretion to determine what type of professional documentation is necessary, and this may vary depending on the nature of the disability and/or accommodation and other circumstances.

All records related to disability and accommodation registration are confidential and private and maintained in the Dean of Students’ office.

Once appropriate documentation has been received, the Dean of Students will work with the student to determine the appropriate accommodations or aids. The Dean of Students will make the final decision regarding the request for accommodation or aid. If the student agrees with the decision, the Dean of Students will discuss the accommodations and appropriate implementation of such with faculty members in whose courses the student has requested the accommodation or aid. The Dean of Students will not disclose legally confidential, health-related information, unless such information is appropriate in order to assist with implementing the accommodation or aid.

Written confirmation of the determined accommodations will be sent to the student and faculty whose classes have been requested for accommodations. Documentation of the accommodations and aid provided will be maintained in the Dean of Students’ office.

Housing Accommodations Registration Process

Students with a documented disability and requiring accommodations within the College sponsored housing must submit reasonable medical documentation supporting the request for accommodations. Requests for Housing Accommodations must be submitted by the deadline for housing applications, which can be found on the Housing website. Requests for accommodations received after the application deadline will still be considered and assigned based on availability.