Master of
Business Innovation

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Ignite your entrepreneurial
Ignite your entrepreneurial
Ignite your entrepreneurial fire
Ignite your entrepreneurial fire

Become a game-changer innovator

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Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as a business innovator with our Master of Business Innovation (MBI) program! Whether you’re itching to start your own business, switch careers, or shake things up in a company, we’ve got you covered.


Our courses are packed with startup wisdom, techniques, and tools to set you up for success. And guess what? The capstone of the program is a super cool practicum where our faculty mentors will guide you based on their real-life experiences in gaming, animation, audio production, and more.

No boring lectures here! Our program is all about hands-on learning. You’ll dive headfirst into your own entrepreneurial ventures, ideas, and innovations, turning them into real-world projects that will shine on your resumé. If you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit, get started with our MBI program today.

Master of Business Innovation Outcomes

Communicate effectively, logically and compellingly in writing, meetings and presentations.

Develop entrepreneurial marketing plans, business and financial models.

Apply management and leadership best practices in an entrepreneurial setting.

Design a comprehensive strategic plan for a new venture and/or innovation.

Integrate business analysis and various tools into the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions to business problems.

Recognize and evaluate opportunities for promoting creativity and innovation in the global marketplace.

The Alma Mater that Matters

USV Master of Business Innovation alumni have gone on to work at some of the largest and most prestigious businesses in the United States. Fortune 500, meet your new fortune.

Master of Business Innovation Course Highlights

Business Models and Planning

Ready to launch your game-changing idea? Dive into the world of business model innovations and discover how to develop a winning edge for your new ventures or ideas. Prepare to be inspired as you challenge assumptions, revamp strategies, and unleash your innovative genius.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Ignite your marketing prowess, dive into the world of basic marketing tools, and unlock the true potential of your business venture or idea. Gain a deep understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs and innovators face in marketing, and craft actionable solutions that will drive your success.

Digital Transformation and Social Media

Explore the ever-changing world of markets, discover the latest trends that shape new realities, and get a grip on the causes and consequences of digital disruption. Master the art of managing marketing efforts in the digital realm like a pro. Let's navigate the digital waves and make a splash!

Potential Career Opportunities

Your Experience Just Got Real
  • Business Development Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur
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Our Master of Business Innovation program is available 100% online. Learn from the comfort of your own home with the collaborative support of fellow students. 

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