Class of Clans

This is where you'll find your tribe

USV students are a diverse bunch—and we like it that way. 

But they’re all living their nerd-centric dreams while they’re here and connecting with students who share their unique passion for…whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re into, we’ve probably got a club for that. PS–if we don’t, let’s start one! 

Student Clubs

Where Dragons Mingle

Whether you’re mixing tunes, swapping code, or down with cosplay—you’ll get the opportunity to do your thing by joining one of our campus clubs. 

USV ASB: Associated Student Body

ASB: Associated Student Body

USV Gaming Club

Gaming Club

USV Cosplay Club

Cosplay Club

USV Audio Club

Audio Club

USV Anime Club

Anime Club

USV TSC: Storytellers Conclave

Storytellers Conclave

USV Google Developers Club

Google Developers Club

USV AASU: Asian American Student Union

Asian American Student Union

USV Shadowverse Club

Shadowverse Club

USV Modeling Club

Modeling Club

USV KPop Club

KPop Club

USV BSU: Black Student Union

BSU: Black Student Union