Real World Project Studios™



Get ready to rock the real world before you even graduate!

How, you ask? We’ve got some seriously cool on-campus real world project studios™ where you’ll dive into real-world experience with industry clients. Our faculty and industry advisors will have your back, teaching you the ultimate team-centered approach. It’s like being in a real development dream team with artists, animators, game designers, audio specialists, and management whizzes!

Our learning style is next level – no boring lectures here! You’ll collaborate with different majors and work on epic projects for top-notch Silicon Valley companies. It’s hands-on experience at its finest, keeping you up-to-date with all the latest industry trends helping you get your foot in their door sooner.

Employers and potential clients, do you want to work with USV students? Have a project in mind that a group of talented multimedia creatives can help with? Request a project over here.

Power-Up with Our Real-World Programs


Join USV's DataWorX Studio! Work with real Silicon Valley tech companies to solve open-source software issues. Your solutions can get you recognized as a contributor. Plus, you'll network, find mentors, and collaborate with cool people.

Project X

Project X takes you from ideation to animation. It's a one-of-a-kind capstone course that'll have you diving into every aspect of animation film production - for both the big and small screen!


MediaWorks is the ultimate collaboration between audio and animation students. Together, we create impressive commercial projects for Silicon Valley clients and beyond! Prepare to showcase industry-quality creative work that wows businesses.

Game Studio

This is a game-changer in the school for gaming. Game Studio is a 2-semester project-based learning class where students work in teams for real external clients, adding actual games that ship directly to their portfolios.