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USV's MediaWorks: Where Creativity Meets Real-World Results

Are you on the lookout for a squad of creative minds to breathe life into your multimedia project? Look no further than the talented pool of students at USV! 

Introducing our MediaWorks studio, where students seamlessly collaborate across various departments – modeling, rigging, animating, scoring, producing, and more. It’s not just a project pipeline; it’s a well-oiled machine with industry instructors providing the necessary guidance.

Here’s the deal: the students don’t just create; they immerse themselves in real-world projects. Your project could be the next feather in their cap, and you walk away with a polished multimedia production. It’s a strategic win-win!

MediaWorks has a track record of partnering with notable clients like TEDx, Panasonic, Corning, AC Transit, Accenture, Argus Insights, Kleestorfer Consulting, and more from our Silicon Valley neighborhood. Curious about their prowess? Peep the video below for a glimpse or delve into the intricacies of our Real World Project Studios™. Your multimedia masterpiece awaits collaboration! 

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Client Project Request Form

The more information you provide, the more MediaWorks can help you with your project!

Before you fill out the project request form, you may find it helpful to consider these questions:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What goal or action is the publication to accomplish?
  • When is the publication needed? 
  • Who is the primary contact? 

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