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Bachelor of Science in Game Engineering

> Department of Game Design & Development

Program Overview

Code is the lifeblood that fuels every gameplay experience, so buff your technical skills as you learn to design and program video games in the Game Engineering degree program. Modify existing game engines before moving on to designing your own, forming the systems that power gaming’s greatest experiences. This includes implanting animation, AI and computer graphics within an engine. You’ll develop a project plan that will get others excited about turning video game design concepts into fleshed-out games with characters, worlds and objectives. You’ll be able to take a role as game designer and/or engineer, on teams structured to mirror those in professional game development.


Upon completion, you should:

  • Articulate and demonstrate game design principles and best practices through the development of engaging, interactive media
  • Analyze and solve complex game engineering problems by applying principles of logic, programming, science, and mathematics
  • Implement, test, and critique user-centered design experiences and interfaces within interactive media
  • Collaborate effectively and ethically as part of multidisciplinary projects and demonstrate professionalism in diverse team environments
  • Demonstrate a career-ready understanding of game design and production through a published portfolio and professional identity

Course Highlights

Introduction to Game Production University of Silicon Valley students are introduced to video game development and various project production models and team structures. The game design engineering course will develop students' skills in ideation, iteration, troubleshooting, risk assessment, adaptation, communication, team management, organization and leadership.
Game Design II University of Silicon Valley students will create playable video game prototypes. Course topics include game design concepts, theory and methodologies, storytelling, game analysis, player engagement, player immersion, gamification, and techniques for monetization.
GUI and Graphics Programming  This game design engineering course covers the principles of user interface design. University of Silicon Valley students learn about various input elements, memory management, user interfaces, OpenGL and more. Students learn GUI and practice concrete mathematics concepts for application in computer graphics.

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