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Digital Art & Animation

Video created by teams of students in collaboration with faculty and professional industry advisors.

Animate Your Creativity

If your passion is for visual effects, 2D or 3D animation, or concept art for video games or blockbuster films, this is the Digital Arts & Animation degree program for you.

You can experience what it’s like being in the full animation and VFX pipeline in our Digital Art & Animation degree training program. Our Digital Arts & Animation courses have been designed with input from industry connections so University of Silicon Valley students learn the skills studios are looking for.

You’ll bring vivid characters, worlds and creatures to life and work from start to finish on animation projects that are ready to hit the festival circuits. Gain the digital arts and animation skills you need to kick off your career in this dynamic and growing industry.

Learn from the Best

Top Ranked in North America

In 2023, USV was ranked in the top 20 of California schools with animation programs by the Animation Career Review.

Program Learning Outcomes for the BA in Digital Art & Animation Degree Program

University of Silicon Valley graduates in Digital Art & Animation will be able to:


Demonstrate an effective application of design principles and color theory in student projects


Employ creative aspects of experimentation and iteration in their designs


Recognize and differentiate the critical components of a project


Create expressive characters, environments and props using traditional tolls and techniques of the industry


Integrate inventive principles, techniques, and skills in student projects


Effectively contribute their expertise to a collaborative project

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