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B.S. Computer Science

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Degree Overview

In University of Silicon Valley's project-intensive Software Engineering program concentration, you’ll not only cover the fundamental concepts of the software development process, but you’ll explore the different ways that complex software systems are changing the world. By example and through practice, you’ll build a solid foundation in project management, design and proper technical documentation. Then you’ll start work on writing seriously solid code for building amazing projects. Terms like string and polymorphism will become second nature to you as you learn advanced programming and gain the knowledge to develop topflight software systems.

Because software engineering projects tend to involve large numbers of people, much of your work will include teamwork. Project and portfolio training courses integrated through the software engineering degree concentration provide you with relevant learning opportunities that help you to develop strong communication, interpersonal and reasoning skills.

Software Engineering Course Highlights

Object Oriented Programming Software engineering students, in this course, learn object oriented analysis and software design in C++ or Java. Such principles as inheritance, polymorphism are introduced. You'll learn managing complexity with abstraction, application of the Liskov principle and cover case studies of object oriented design. University of Silicon Valley students apply object oriented analysis, design, programming techniques to complete a software project.
Computer Architecture  Starting with the processing units and all the way through microprogrammed control, memory management and computer arithmetic algorithms, software engineering students, in this course, will learn how to utilize hardware and software as well as the principles of pipelining for analysis and synthesis.
Embedded Software Systems This software engineering course focuses on technologies used in the design and implementation of embedded systems. University of Silicon Valley students are introduced to software tools such as compilers, schedulers, code generators, and system-level design tools. Software engineering students will  also cover computer organization: CPU, I/O, Memory. INTEL/MIPS Assembly language.

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