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Degree Overview

Home to a who’s who of high-tech powerhouses—including Apple, Cisco, Facebook and Google—Silicon Valley boasts extraordinary achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship. The dynamic and ever-changing culture has fueled the growth of countless start-ups and has also informed the development of our Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree.

The Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program is designed for graduate students seeking to establish their own business ventures, manage entrepreneurial enterprises, transition to new careers, or thrive through innovation within their current place of work. It provides an excellent way to earn your Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree with minimal impact to your professional or personal life.

Cohort courses are delivered both online and on ground with the in-class meetings conducted after work hours or on weekends. The 30-credit Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program includes a practicum where students apply their new skills to their own start-up ventures or innovative ideas. Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program students without a business background are also welcome to enroll in the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program, but will need to attend a special pre-session in the 4 weeks prior to the program’s start.

Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Degree Program Course Highlights

Business Models and Planning  How do you launch an innovative idea? Learn about the components of business model innovations focused on developing and driving competitive value for new businesses or ideas. Get inspired to rethink and redesign your business assumptions, strategies and innovative ideas.
Entrepreneurial Marketing  Learn how to use basic marketing tools to realize the potential of a new business venture or idea. Understand the nature of marketing challenges facing entrepreneurs and innovators, and then develop implementable solutions to address these.
Digital Transformation and Social Media  Examine and understand trends that shape new market realities. Learn about the causes and consequences of digital disruption, and how to manage marketing efforts in the digital world.

Program Learning Outcomes for the Masters of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

  University of Silicon Valley graduates in Entrepreneurship & Innovation will be able to:

PLO1: Communicate effectively, logically and compellingly in writing, meetings and presentations in this entrepreneurship and innovation learning outcome.
PLO2: Apply management and leadership best practices in an entrepreneurial setting
PLO3: Integrate business analysis and various tolls into the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions to the business and entrepreneurial problems
PLO4: Develop entrepreneurial marketing plans, business and financial models
PLO5: Design comprehensive strategic plan for a new entrepreneurial venture and/or innovation
PLO6: Recognize and evaluate opportunities for promoting creativity and innovation in the global marketplace

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