Tania Peitzker

Faculty Adjunct Professor of Metaverses and Interfaces

PhD, B.A. Hons & part LLB. Law, English, Cultural Studies & Journalism
Universities of Potsdam and Queensland

www.taniapeitzker.expert Berlin
www.conversationalai.solutions London
www.Realfiction.com Denmark
www.holo-systems.de Germany
Paraddax Labs France-Spain
www.Holograma.eu Madrid Showroom

Computer Science Degree | Best Computer Science Schools (techguide.org)

Tania Peitzker is a globally active technologist: innovating, writing and teaching at corporate events, educational conferences and governmental policy thinktanks.
She has dedicated over a decade to her co-founders’ proprietary algorithm for Conversational AI, testing the NLP source code’s engine in numerous pilots in diverse markets including Australia, the UK, Ukraine, the European Union and Switzerland. In 2022, Tania’s team decided to exit their innovative venture as Extended Reality innovations reach full maturity.

She now has time to be an instructor for metaverses and cognitive interfaces at University of Silicon Valley.

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