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Nominate The Employee of The Month

Here's a chance to let your colleagues know that they rock.

Nominate your colleague for employee of the month using the form. Review the criteria and selection process and then tell about your nominee!


1. Employee must have worked 90 days with the organization.

2. Employee must exhibit leadership qualities and USV core values.

3. Excellence performance in their CPC role that sets standards for others to follow.

4. Positive attitude.


The information on the nominees will be gathered from the “employee of the month nomination form.” The nominator, the executive committee’s knowledge about the nominee, performance feedback is gathered from HR and also other details will be gathered from the immediate supervisor or director. Nominations due by the 5th of each month. The Executive Committee will vote monthly on nominations submitted. Nominees will be reviewed by HR and must be in good standing with the College. Executive Committee members are ineligible for this recognition. Success in securing enrollments and/or financial aid may not be used as criteria for any nomination.

Nomination Form