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Degree Programs

Explore University of Silicon Valley's technical degree programs and discover what your future could hold.

Whether you're getting ready to start your freshmen experience or considering transferring to one of our dynamic technical degree programs, we're here to help guide you through any questions or concerns you may have. Have a look at the technical degree programs we have to offer and get to know our college majors, degree concentrations and student work.

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Learn how to manage the commercial power of creativity and technology, and practice thinking strategically and conceptually to find innovative solutions to today's business challenges.

B.A. in Digital Art and Animation Degree

Gain the digital arts and animation skills you need to bring your ideas to life. Our digital arts and animation degree courses have been designed with input from industry connections so you receive relevant learning opportunities that prepare you for your career after college.

B.A. in Game Design Art Degree

Collaborate with the best University of Silicon Valley has to offer, as you team up with technical college students from other concentrations to bring the creative side of game design and development to life.

B.S. in Game Design Engineering Degree

Interested in the technical aspect of game dev? This University of Silicon Valley degree program introduces you to development and design processes that prepare you for employment in a number of computing and digital arts fields.

B.S. in Computer Science Degree

University of Silicon Valley does far more than just introduce you to theory. Our comprehensive Computer Science & Engineering degree program will provide you with hands-on application, mentorship, and the resources needed to launch your ideas.

B.S. in Software Development Degree

Fueled by our deep understanding of what innovation actually requires, the department of Computer Science & Engineering provides college students with hands-on application, mentorship, and the resources needed to launch your ideas.

B.S. in Digital Audio Technology Degree

You want to make great digital audio content on industry-standard recording equipment? Our Audio & Music Production degree concentration of our BS in Digital Audio Technology degree program will either center around producing original audio content for digital media or focus on building the technology behind the music.

M.A. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Degree

Earn your Master's degree in as little as one year. Technical college students apply business theories in ideation, marketing, operations and on actual projects that have direct relevance to their own ideas and work.

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