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Join us for a chat with professionals in the industry. Speakers from companies like Intel, Industrial Light and Magic, Blizzard, and more!


Erik Smitt
Director of Creative Production at Skydance Animation Studio

Erik Smitt began his career at Pixar Animation Studios two decades ago in the lighting department on "Monsters Incorporated". In addition to his CG work, he is a painter, photographer, and live action cinematographer who combines elements from each discipline into the animated filmmaking process. Erik enjoys the intersection of visual storytelling with technical innovation to maximize the audience experience, and has helped develop many projects including "Wall•E", "Finding Nemo", "Piper", and "Incredibles 2". Currently, Erik works as the Director of Creative production with the newly formed Skydance Animation studio team.



Thursday, March 11th

Event Time

12:30pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)






Chat with a Pro_03.11.21

CHAT WITH A PRO - Guest Erik Smitt

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