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Your career starts now.

The Career Center at University of Silicon Valley has remote and ground resources that can help you acquire the knowledge and practical skills that will help you find the right professional opportunity. We’ll do all we can to support you and your career goals starting from day one.

Before you graduate

A Career Advisor will contact you and connect you to resources that can help you in your chosen field. You'll receive professional help that covers everything from developing your resume and job search best practices to practice interviews and access to employer partners.

After graduation

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a Career Advisor who can assist you with developing and executing a career search plan that brings you closer to the job you’re looking for. We also offer networking events connecting you with a wide variety of companies looking for skilled graduates for both internships and permanent positions.

Ready to Launch?

If you're ready to get started, you can begin your online application right now. We accept applications any time throughout the year and there are no deadlines to apply.

Positions and Places Our Alumni Work

A Sample of Companies That Have Hired Our Alumni

2K Games
Activision Blizzard
Dream works
Electronic Arts White