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This is your life. We want to connect you to the communities that will help you live it, love it and pwn it!

There's so much going on—from our Esports team to the multiple, varied student organizations—there's a community for almost every interest. One of the first things you'll notice when you arrive is an open atmosphere where students can freely share ideas and perspectives and connect more closely. The result is a vibrant social scene where lasting networks and friendships form. All of this helps you cultivate the life skills that will equip you for a career in the 21st century.

For Honor and Digital Glory

The USV Dragons Esports team is a collegiate Tespa chapter competing in national and local tournaments. We host friendly get-togethers, play-test events, and promote a community of competitive gaming on titles such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and more.


Thinking About Becoming a Dragon?

If you can see yourself fitting in among our eclectic and passionate community, visit our admissions page and discover how easy it is to take the next natural step.

Student Clubs on Campus For You to Explore

All clubs are open to any student interested in their goals and activities. Most meet weekly and are always looking for new members. And if there isn't a club that interests you — start a new one! You'll have the support you need from our student body and our Student Life staff.


Associated Student Body (ASB)

President: Joshan Rai |

Gaming Club

President: Cameron Vanderberg |

Cosplay Club

President: Wes Macnee |

Audio Club

President: Alexander Doyle |
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Anime Club

President: Joshan Rai |

Storytellers Conclave

President: Philp Broadus |

Google Developers Club

President: Ananya Trivedi |

Asian American Student Union

President: Veronica Duquez |

Shadowverse Club

President: Andrew Liou |

Modeling Club

President: John Vo |

Kpop Club

President: Angelo Cerezo |

Black Student Union

President: Gabrielle Booker |

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