Explore USV's Five Departments

In an all-inclusive, collaborative environment, University of Silicon Valley delivers an intense focus on developing undergrads for jobs in high-demand creative arts industries through project-based learning.

University of Silicon Valley stands out as a creative arts college by offering true studio environments that feature professional-level equipment, multidisciplinary collaboration and industry instruction, coaching and mentoring.

The Audio & Music Technology department offers two creative arts degree concentrations: Music & Audio Production for those who want to make digital audio, and Audio Engineering for those who want to create the gear that audio is produced on.

If you've dreamed of running a studio, managing digital media projects or launching your own Angry Birds app, our department of Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation will help you realize your dreams.

Learn how to disrupt and redefine the future of the game, animation and software industries. Write code for fully developed video games with our engineering degrees and concentrations in web and mobile, data science and software engineering.

Bring vivid characters, worlds and creatures to life in our digital art and animation college degree programs. You’ll work from start to finish on animation projects that are ready to hit the big and small screens.

Join a massive multiplayer experience as you learn how to program or design video games in classes that will equip you for working in the competitive gaming market.

When you’re ready to apply or just want more information about getting started, visit our Admissions section. Or give us a call at 800.264.7955. We'll be happy to help you find details on college application requirements, school tuition and navigating the financial aid process.

If you are currently in university housing, you need to submit one of the two forms to either indicate your intent to renew for the next term, or to vacate at the end of this trimester.