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3D Modeling

B.A. Digital Art & Animation

> Department of Digital Art & Animation

Degree Overview

Create the environments, creatures and heroes that form the backbone of animation by learning rigging, modeling, texture mapping and rendering. Bring out every detail and facet of objects by first reproducing existing objects in 3D, then designing your own. You’ll learn how to texture man-made and organic surfaces, while mastering digital sculpting techniques like UV unwrapping 3D models. Transform analog concepts like maquettes into digital art. You’ll also learn how to maintain the fidelity of 3D animated characters in order to integrate them in interactive projects.

Your first three terms begin by building a strong foundation in traditional art which enables you to create realistic pieces when transitioning into the digital environment. Upper-level production opportunities equip University of Silicon Valley graduates with an extensive portfolio of work, an ingrained instinct to collaborate on a team, and the creative and technical skills required to work in a wide variety of digital art careers. 3D Modeling degree program students have access to uniquely modern facilities hard to find at other digital art and animation schools, including access to virtual reality and augmented reality equipment and a rendering manager built just for University of Silicon Valley.

3D Modeling Course Highlights

Introduction to 3D Modeling  This course is an introduction to 3D Modeling students are introduced to software modeling packages to create 3D organic and industrial models. Course topics include modeling construction using polygon and/or spline-based techniques, texture mapping, lighting, shading, and rendering.
Texturing  This 3D modeling course involves the use of layering color maps on digital surfaces to create specific material shaders. Among other things, texture map painting in 2D is covered as well as analysis through physical observation of the light gathering of surfaces. University of Silicon Valley students will learn how to digitally reproduce any material.
Character Rigging  This 3D modeling class is an introduction to animation software modules with emphasis on character rigging techniques. University of Silicon Valley students will apply these techniques to develop 3D characters and get a sense of the tools needed for basic animation.

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