Computer Science & Engineering

B.S. in Computer Science | B.S. in Software Development | Certificate in Cloud Computing

Fueled by our deep understanding of what innovation actually requires, the department of Computer Science & Engineering provides college students with hands-on application, expert mentorship, and the resources needed to launch your ideas.

Cogswell University of Silicon Valley does far more than just introduce you to theory. Our comprehensive Computer Science & Engineering degree programs are taught by entrepreneurs who are in the thick of the industry. You'll connect with amazing engineering school faculty from major industry players like NASA and Magic Leap. Cogswell University of Silicon Valley offers you the unique chance to collaborate with other smart people on interdisciplinary, real-world projects—before you even graduate from Cogswell University of Silicon Valley.

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Cogswell University of Silicon Valley students graduate with hands-on experience, making them attractive job candidates for companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

– Mohan Shah, Former Department Director

Hands-on application, mentorship and a supportive community of smart and talented peers allow our Computer Science & Engineering degree program students to thrive and go on to achieve greater success.

- Bineet Sharma, Assistant Professor


BS in Software Development

Certificate in Cloud Computing

BS in Computer Science

Companies Where our Computer Science & Engineering College Alumni Work


Program Learning Outcomes for the B.S. in Computer Science Degree Program

Cogswell University of Silicon Valley graduates in Computer Science will be able to:

PLO1: Identify, interpret and apply key STEM concepts and solve engineering problems
PLO2: Demonstrate an ability to design and develop software or hardware systems
PLO3: Create optimal solutions for computer-based software systems using advanced concepts or algorithms and computer science theory
PLO4: Acquire and develop new knowledge independently by conducting research and applying critical thinking
PLO5: Demonstrate effective collaboration in engineering or multidisciplinary team projects
PLO6: Successfully transform real-world customer specifications into software requirements and deliver a working solution

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