Audio & Music Technology

Bachelor of Science in Digital Audio Technology

University of Silicon Valley empowers aspiring audiophiles to master their craft. Our audio and music technology students are exposed to new ideas and industry-grade music equipment and are presented with training classes designed to unlock their creativity.

University of Silicon Valley is here for the aspiring artists and engineers who live in music and think in sound effects. You want to make great digital audio content on industry-standard recording equipment? University of Silicon Valley will train you in our Audio & Music Production degree concentration of our BS in Digital Audio Technology degree program. You're ready to create the audio gear of tomorrow?  Then you'll want to explore our innovative Audio Software Development & Engineering degree concentration, designed for those who dare to disrupt the music industry with technology.

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Our students get real industry experience and skills—a tremendous benefit that sets them apart from other graduates.

-Julius Dobos, Distinguished Professor


Companies Where our Audio & Music Technology College Alumni Work

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Program Learning Outcomes for the B.S. in Digital Audio Technology Degree Program

University of Silicon Valley graduates in Digital Audio Technology will be able to:

PLO1: Execute a collaborative audio production project from concept to delivery according to industry standards
PLO2: Demonstrate proficiency and efficiency in the methods and practices of audio production
PLO3: Develop a comprehensive skill set required for a successful career in the audio or music industries

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