Carolus Brown

Dean of Students & Interim Advisor - Advices for Game Design and Development last names (Q-Z)

Academic Advising, Associated Student Body Advising, Academic Accommodations, Housing, Judicial Affairs, Tutoring

University of Mississippi, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, Psychology and College Student Personnel Administration

USV is special to me because of the wide range of students attracted to studying here. I can honestly say there is not one “type” of student at USV, as they all seem to be uniquely gifted and different. I never know what to expect and I am often asked questions that challenge me to support students in very different ways.



Trey Gallaher

Academic Advisor - Advices for Game Design and Development last names (H-P)

Syracuse University – M.F.A. Illustration , San Jose State University - B.S. Graphic Design-Illustration, Sacramento, California

I am proud to be both an Academic Advisor and an Adjunct Faculty member at USV simultaneously. I have the unique ability to serve and support students in Digital Art and Animation in a unique and thoughtful way; whether they have questions about the industry, need technical tutoring in a specific subject, or to be connected with resources that support their learning and practice, I am available and receptive to many of their academic needs. Outside of my institutional academic pursuits, I am a visual developer, painter and an illustrator.


Trey is the advisor for the following departments:
Digital Art & Animation
Game Design & Development


Amy Rodriguez

Academic Advisor - Advices for Game Design and Development last names (A-G)

Amy graduated from San Jose State University, with a M.A. in Education, specialization in Counseling & Student Personnel, and Liberty University, with a B.S. in Psychology.

USV stands out from other schools because all of the class sizes are small. The instructors are able to get to know each one of the students in their classes. This personalized interaction can greatly enrich a student’s experience here.


Amy is the advisor for the following departments:
Audio Music and Technology
Computer Science
Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Game Design & Development

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