Get Ready to Party!

Saturday, June 15th starting at 9AM

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2019! We're sure the memory of walking across that stage will stay with you forever!  You must be so proud of your accomplishments, we are too! That's why University of Silicon Valley is throwing you a graduation party. We want to invite you, your friends and family to the College to celebrate this major accomplishment. In addition we will be showcasing some exciting demonstrations from our department chairs and faculty.



Some of the demonstrations will include:


Virtual Reality

Get an up close and personal look at what goes into creating a VR experience!

Driven_19 Ending

Movie Corner

Come screen our students award winning animated short films!


Motion Capture

Learn about this exciting animation process and how it's being used in video games and movies!



Thinking of being on the team? Take the test and see where you stack up against the rest of the gamers!


Reverse Engineering

Break down a successful business and uncover the strategy that drives growth!