Faculty-Student Mentoring Program


    To foster educational and professional growth and to provide career guidance to students.

What are the Benefits:

  • Skills competency and assessment
  • Practical career guidance
  • Increase academic confidence
  • Valuable industry insights
  • Technical guidance
  • Expert advice on portfolio and professional work samples

Who are the Mentors:

    USV mentors are subject matter experts with extensive industry experience who give mentees career guidance by building trust, modeling positive behaviors and sharing real world experiences. A mentor is not a tutor, or academic advisor.

Who are the Mentees:

    Students, who are invited to participate in the program or students who make a request to join.

How the Program Works:

  • Mentees connect with their assigned mentors if they know.
  • Send an email to the committee (fsmpcommittee@usv.edu) if they don’t know their mentors.
  • Mentees stay in touch with their mentors regularly, connect with them proactively and follow the plan discussed
  • What mentees can expect from the discussions with the Mentor
      • Find strengths and weaknesses
      • Expand the professional network
      • Review the portfolio and professional work samples
      • Discuss professional interests and career plans
      • Explore industry skills and trends relevant to the field of study
      Get help with the mock interviews and other soft skills

Expectations from mentee:

  • Be regular in your scheduled meetings
  • Communicate, be open, honest and understanding
  • Share your dreams and passions about future career
  • Establish a goal with your mentor and work towards them


For further questions regarding the Faculty-Student Mentoring Program for First Year Student at USV, contact:

    • Faculty-Student Mentoring Program (FSMP)