Our Mission

To prepare students for success in the creative-technology industries by providing a real world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Silicon Valley location.


Our Vision

To grow, prosper, and rise in prominence, transforming into a university widely recognized fo its excellence in educating graduates in the newest technologies and business strategies that will shape the future.


Our Core Values

Do the right thing
Treat people well
Make things better
Exceed expectations
Ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Learning Outcomes



ILO 1 USV graduates will be able to communicate professionally, accurately, and persuasively through both written and oral modalities. (Written and Oral Communication)

ILO 2 USV graduates will be able to critically analyze ideas, issues, content, and events to formulate conclusions and make decisions individually or collaboratively. (Critical Thinking)

ILO 3 USV graduates will be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and responsibly use information from a range of sources. (Information Literacy)

ILO 4 USV graduates will be able to apply quantitative analysis and methods to address a variety of issues. (Quantitative Reasoning)

ILO 5 USV graduates will be able to create, synthesize and combine ideas, content, and expertise in original and innovative ways. (Creative Thinking)

ILO 6 USV graduates will be able to collaborate effectively and ethically in a diverse community. (Teamwork and Diversity)

ILO 7 USV graduates will be able to demonstrate career readiness through field-appropriate professional presentations of their knowledge and skills. (Career Readiness)