Our Mission

To prepare students for success in the creative-technology industries by providing an extraordinary, real-world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Silicon Valley location.


ILO 1 USV graduates will be able to communicate professionally, accurately, and persuasively through both written and oral modalities. (Written and Oral Communication)

ILO 2 USV graduates will be able to critically analyze ideas, issues, content, and events to formulate conclusions and make decisions individually or collaboratively. (Critical Thinking)

ILO 3 USV graduates will be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and responsibly use information from a range of sources. (Information Literacy)

ILO 4 USV graduates will be able to apply quantitative analysis and methods to address a variety of issues. (Quantitative Reasoning)

ILO 5 USV graduates will be able to create, synthesize and combine ideas, content, and expertise in original and innovative ways. (Creative Thinking)

ILO 6 USV graduates will be able to collaborate effectively and ethically in a diverse community. (Teamwork and Diversity)

ILO 7 USV graduates will be able to demonstrate career readiness through field-appropriate professional presentations of their knowledge and skills. (Career Readiness)