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Silicon Valley, California

Just step outside campus and the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley surrounds you

Here is where you'll discover fellow students sculpting with clay to design a responsive VR environment. It's where you can meet students hacking a game controller and creating new ways to manipulate sound. Step outside and you're surrounded by many of the world's largest high-tech corporations as well as thousands of creative startups. We have a front door to the greatest ecosystem for high-tech innovation and scientific development in the world. With inspiration all around, you'll have to opportunity to fuel talents you didn't even know you had.

Virtual and Augmented Reality


USV is the first college in the world to add a VR/AR certificate program, a sign of our commitment to teach cutting-edge technology.

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Get Involved


Sometimes you need a break from the studies. Get involved in a student club or join fellow students in one of our many campus events.

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Landing The Job


Bugi Kaigwa got a job as a technical artist right after graduating. His hard work here at USV paid off, landing him one of the many coveted creative jobs in the game industry.