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Tuition Lock at USV

A college education is the most important investment you will make. At USV we are committed to your success and providing the resources to help make it happen. 
Our new Tuition Lock makes your financial plan more predictable and affordable.

The USV Tuition Lock guarantees the same tuition rate from start through graduation for students who take a minimum of 12 credits per trimester and maintain continuous enrollment. Like many colleges, tuition rates at USV have often increased each year, usually in the fall. This was necessary to adjust to rising costs for purchasing and replacing equipment and maintaining a faculty of outstanding industry professionals and educators. While future increases in tuition can be expected, students eligible for the Tuition Lock will not be affected. 

Our Tuition Lock applies to all programs, instructional modalities and all students who meet and maintain the eligibility requirements.  You must adhere to the following terms to have your current tuition rate locked-in, however special circumstances may be taken into consideration before disqualification:

•  Maintain continuous* full-time enrollment throughout the calendar year (minimum 12 credits per trimester)
•  Keep all financial accounts current and up to date
•  Apply for financial aid and provide required documents in a timely manner (if applicable)
•  Remain in good academic standing**

Undergraduate Programs

$13,425 Per Term
  • Tuition Per Credit: $895
  • Campus Fee Per Term: $500

Graduate Programs

$4,491 Per Term
  • Tuition Per Credit: $499
  • Technology Fee Per Term: $50

We want to make sure our tuition and fees are clear and easy to understand. The tables above outline current tuition costs for students enrolled for 15 credits per term in our undergraduate degree programs or 9 credits per term in our graduate degree programs. These prices are the same for in and out-of-state students and are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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* Students are expected to attend all three trimesters each year, however a one-time, pre-approved term off will not disqualify the student.
**The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy can be found in the University of Silicon Valley Academic Catalog