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Freshman Admission

Getting started at USV as a first-year freshman

1) Complete the Application 

Once you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email from a admissions advisor who will help guide you through the rest of the process.

2) Submit Your Documents 

Below is a list of materials you will need to submit as a USV freshman applicant. These documents can be submitted at any time to your advisor via email, standard mail, and in some cases, online.

3) Interview and Placement Tests 

• Arrange an interview with an admissions advisor

Placement Tests for English and Math

Notification of Admission

All applicants will receive an acknowledgement of admission status approximately two (2) weeks after their application and supporting documents have been received and processed. Notification will include information regarding the enrollment process, the registration process, academic advising and student services.

Right to Revoke Acceptance or Enrollment

USV reserves the right to revoke acceptance or continued enrollment if:

  1. Any application materials are false or misrepresented.
  2. The student imposes any risk to the health, safety or welfare of others.
  3. The student disrupts the orderly processes or violates any of the University’s policies.
  4. The student does not sign an Enrollment Agreement.