Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Don’t faculty already have office hours?  Are these additional office hours?

Yes, all faculty have office hours.  They can be found in their syllabus in Canvas. We want to make it easier for students to see all faculty office hours in one place. We will collect this information from all faculty and publish it to students. You should also be prepared to make your office hours “open” to any student who needs help.


Question: How will this occur?

The virtual faculty office hours will occur by video conferencing. The faculty will choose which video conferencing solution ( Skype, Google Teams, Discord, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.) and will function just like conferences in Canvas. We are figuring a lot of this out as we go. Your feedback will be important! So, let us know how it's working.


Question: Can I still schedule an appointment for office hours?



Question: Where do I find the link for virtual office hours?

Click the orange link above.


Question: I can’t view the faculty office hours with my google account. What should I do?

Login to the google sheet using your account. Here are some directions on how to access your google account. All students at cogwell have a account (without gmail).