Speed of Sound Project

Speed of Sound is a student-run, collaborative, audio production club that is passionate about producing concept music albums using the audio studio facilities at USV. Drawing from the knowledge gained in the Digital Audio Technology program, the club offers its members a unique opportunity to perform the various roles found in a studio production process such as recording engineer, mixing engineer, music producer, composer, arranger, sound design, and experimental studio production practices. The club produces these albums purely for collaborative artistic exploration, production and personal development and growth as aspiring audio professionals. Its initial membership consisted of Kaleb Grace, Cameron McLaughlin, Robert Kirby and Subramanya Nithya and quickly grew to include Richard Ash, Bret Laundry, Charlie Cluff, Skelly Skell, Marc Rivas, Daniel Reyna, David Manley, Keifer Stotle and many others.

Since their formation in Fall 2012, Speed of Sound has produced two full length studio albums with the goal of transporting listeners to new space and places. Their first album, "Navagraha”, was produced towards the later part of 2012 and centers around the concept of each track representing a celestial body in the solar system. The music and artwork was produced exclusively by USV students. The second studio album, titled "Kali Yuga Time Machine", was released on April 4, 2014. The concept for the album is that each track takes the listener on a journey to a different time and place across history. As with the first album, the second album is entirely produced by USV students and includes original artwork from USV alumni Frank Perez.