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About The Offering

The Offering was completed in summer 2010 was earned recognition in festivals around the globe. It took twenty-four very dedicated students almost two years to complete. The film is loosely based on the love story of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. The Offering was the pilot film for what has become Project X and has served as a great test bed for what was actually possible at an animation school. The latest Hollywood animation production techniques and software were used to create the groundbreaking characters, environments and effects. It pushed the boundaries for student level work and to most experts it appears as a professional level piece.

Besides the film's outstanding artistry, it features an amazing sound track by composer Jeremy Soule.

Since it's completion in 2010, The Offering has screened at over thirty international film festivals and been proclaimed as an amazing piece of art and cinema. The Offerings production value is so high and comparable to Hollywood films that it has never had to enter a student film festival to garner wins. Since it's completion nearly every Alumni that worked on the film is employed in their area of expertise.

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