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USV has found the answer to that age-old question: "Would it be wonderful to to take every component of animated film production and turn it into a capstone learning experience for college students?" Yes. Yes it would.

Project X is a one of a kind, invitation-only opportunity for students to integrate their coursework skills and experiences in an industry standard, rigorous production pipeline. The hours are long and the work is grueling, but the total immersion experience creates an environment conducive to quality, camaraderie and the highest value of production. We believe it's the best way to learn.

Our Silicon Valley location provides the opportunity to host visits, critiques and workshops by world class artists and technicians from the industry's leading companies.

Have a Look at Our Work

Listen to Project X Students who participated in the production of Worlds Apart offer their perspective on what the experience meant to them.

The classes are more collaborative and require a lot of interaction but the uniquely high standards it sets for quality equips students with an amazing portfolio piece. While this means a more personal level of attention from professors and classmates, the flip side is the pressure of being expected to participate in class and stay on top of your projects.

18 Animation students + 4 Engineering students + 11 Audio & Music Technology students = 1 amazing portfolio piece.

Project X Students from all of USV's programs are blending their talents to create extraordinary storytelling. Our students not only develop and exercise the skills needed to work effectively with a team over an extended period of time, they learn how to investigate problems and evaluate solutions. They overcome challenges to adapt and deliver a film that offers extremely high production value. Project X students are definitely Driven.

The Offering is an award-winning animated shorts loosely based on the love story of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati.

Since it's completion in 2010, The Offering has screened at over thirty international film festivals and been proclaimed as an amazing piece of art and cinema. The Offering's production value is so high and comparable to Hollywood films that it has never had to enter a student film festival to garner wins. Since it's completion nearly every Alumni that worked on the film is employed in their area of expertise.


Trouble Brewing

The latest Project X production leaves little doubt that USV students got it goating on.

All concept and character design, modeling, texturing, effects, rigging, lighting, rendering, animation, compositing and production management were created by teams of students in collaboration with Project X faculty and professional industry advisors.

The Wait is Ogre.

You don't have to wait until after graduation to get real-world experience. Project X students are afforded the competitive edge needed to move quickly from grad to industry pro.

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