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Students in the MediaWorks course are producing impressive, industry-quality creative work for businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond. This project-based learning initiative is made up of students from our Audio & Music Technology and Digital Art & Animation departments who work and collaborate under the close direction of expert faculty. Following current industry pipeline and delivery standards, our students get exposure to the commercial production of sound design, original music, animation and live action footage.

The projects involve real-life client meetings, creative brief and concept generation, participation in the approval process, project and time management, deadlines and full-scale production by students working individually, in teams and cross-team.

Letting the Idea Lead

Creating commercial media content is both inspiring and complex. We make sure our students understand their role as communicators is paramount. Balancing creative freedom with the needs of our clients comes with a conscious responsibility that no matter what, making an impact is the primary objective.

That's why our focus is on creativity. Yes, students learn and use all the industry-standard software such as Avid ProTools, Maya, Houdini, Fusion and more, and they become skilled with various sound processing and synthesis hardware—still, they understand that these are only tools. The real value comes from letting the idea take the lead. Our philosophy is that technology should be used to execute a strong concept that is relevant, efficient and effective.

True Industry Experience

When Oakland's public transit agency came to the MediaWorks team for help with their communications project, they were on a tight, 2-month deadline. Our students rose to the challenge.

From concept to delivery, the students navigated pipelines, made critical decisions and handled problem solving scenarios, working as a team on this project for AC Transit. This chance for them to work directly with industry professionals, build client relationship skills and develop impressive portfolio pieces, provided them with a competitive edge that prospective employers are looking for.

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With a focus on building your technical & creative skills and sharpening your communication and project management skills, USV offers the education that prepares you for the job you want.

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