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Things to Keep in Mind

  • In order to try out, you must be a current or incoming full-time student of USV. Learn more about admissions
  • There are scholarship opportunities available to those who qualify, visit the scholarships page for more details
  • Fill out the recruitment form and eligible applicants will be put in contact with someone from the program to discuss next steps
  • Live tryouts will be held throughout the school year, depending on the season's schedule

For more details or questions please email Alex Holler at:

Esports Recruitment Interest Form

"eSports isn't just us playing video games; when we come together, we're a family. We push ourselves and our teammates to express our talents. Every match, we are confronted with harsh opponents and a certain amount of mental strain, and each member must be prepared to work together in order to overcome this."
– Jacob Levine, USV Alum