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Bachelor of Arts in Game Art

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Collaborate with the best University of Silicon Valley has to offer, as you team up with students from other degree concentrations to bring the creative side of game design and development to life.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Art provides fundamental artistic skills which provide the foundation for a career in the game development industry. The program contains art theory and design skills alongside game design principles in a hands-on and highly-technical program. Students engaged with game and level design, 2D and 3D art and interactive audio production, and may choose to focus on writing for interactive media. Students will apply these skills through significant collaborative group projects in a studio-like environment in interdisciplinary teams using industry-standard practices, software and hardware tools, producing games or other interactive experiences.


Upon completion, you should:

  • Articulate and demonstrate game design principles and best practices through the development of engaging, interactive media
  • Develop and express a unique aesthetic and demonstrate clear comprehension of visual design principles
  • Implement, test, and critique user-centered design experiences and interfaces within interactive media
  • Collaborate effectively and ethically as part of multidisciplinary projects and demonstrate professionalism in diverse team environments
  • Demonstrate a career-ready understanding of game design and production through a published portfolio and professional identity

Diploma Structure

Game Art

Course Highlights

Character Rigging This course provides students with a structured approach to drawing. Students learn the skills and techniques of representational drawing from observation. Fundamental skills of rendering, perspective, and composition are developed. Analysis of drawings, critiques, and classroom discussions build vocabulary and enrich the students' understanding of drawing.
Introduction to Game Storytelling University of Silicon Valley students are introduced to the theories behind fiction development and storytelling best practices. This game writing course explores how these principles have been and can be applied by game developers to their own craft. Students gain a better understanding of what it can take to bring a video game story to vibrant life.
Level Design for Single Player Games Introduction to level design for video games from developing level ideas into executable level maps to implementation, play-testing, and iteration. Exposure to level editors will provide hands-on experience in building levels. Level design principles include pacing, balance, difficulty ramping, level flow, hooks, and level progression. Proper level design methodology will be used to build single player game levels.


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