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Undergraduate Program

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Degree Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program is designed to get you work-ready in Silicon Valley and in creative tech industries throughout the world. The degree concentrations in project management and digital media management will set you up for a career in business entrepreneurship and innovation. You'll learn how to manage the commercial power of creativity and technology, and practice thinking strategically and conceptually to find innovative solutions to today's business challenges.

Courses in the business administration degree program will give you a solid grounding in marketing, communication, media and business theory, plus the opportunity of applying this knowledge to real-world projects while you're still in school. You'll acquire the management skills needed to become a nimble and innovative thinker with an entrepreneurial attitude, analytical abilities and collaborative know-how.


Jonathan Rego  |  BBA Alumni

"It was more like working in a studio and going to school in a studio—than going to school in a classroom."

Special Tracks - Bachelors of Business Administration

Project Management

Project Management

Lead your team to success in managing creative industry projects. You’ll simulate the role of a project manager as you learn how to analyze finances, recruit talent and pitch an idea as you develop top-tier business skills for the creative industry and beyond.

Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management

Master both traditional marketing and social media to drive customer engagement, while learning how to manage a digital media studio. The Digital Media Management degree concentration will allow you to study the creative industries and learn what makes a film, game or marketing campaign successful in today’s digital world.

Program Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program

University of Silicon Valley graduates in Business Administration will be able to:

PLO1: Critically analyze and synthetize information from diverse sources to inform business decision-making
PLO2:  Demonstrate professionalism in the presentation of evidence and findings both orally and in written documentation
PLO3: Create effective management and planning within the context of available resources and goals
PLO4: Innovate and creatively adapt to political, socio-economic and technological shifts in the marketplace
PLO5: Interpret and apply ethical and professional standards in business
PLO6: Demonstrate leadership skills in professional and business settings

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