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B.S. Digital Audio Technology

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Degree Overview

Most music you hear today uses the kind of technology that our audio software development and engineering college students learn how to design, build and modify. Tools such as delays and distortions that change the sound of an instrument, synthesizers that recreate old analogue instruments, and autotuners that correct the pitch of a singing voice. You'll learn what digital signal processing is and study the features of commercial audio software plug-ins as you design and implement your own applications for audio software engineering.

The Audio Software & Engineering degree concentration opens up the different way audio professionals interact with technology and music. You'll build foundations in interactive audio software & engineering training courses that teach you audio event triggering and real-time audio services for multiple platforms. Project and portfolio courses integrated throughout the audio software development and engineering degree program will provide you with the opportunity to achieve what most of us dream of: combining your passion with a successful career.

Audio Software Development & Engineering Program Course Highlights

Desktop Production Fundamentals  The introduction music production training course exposes you to the software, methods and practices of desktop audio and music production, video editing and content delivery.
Software Engineering Methods  This music software engineering training course teaches you the complete software life cycle. Explore software development methods top-down and bottom-up from object oriented analysis and design to managing complexity with abstraction.
Audio Engineering Project  This music engineering training course sets the groundwork of a major year-long development project, such as an audio application, plugin or app where you'll work under the guidance and mentorship of faculty.

Program Learning Outcomes for the B.S. in Digital Audio Technology Degree Program

University of Silicon Valley graduates in Digital Audio Technology will be able to:

ASD LO1: Create new audio-related projects from existing and emerging audio technologies
ASD LO2: Utilize the methods of mathematics, physics and computer science to solve audio software development problems
ASD LO3: Apply professional soft skills and an understanding of web technologies to the development of a professional portfolio

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