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Degree Overview

The Audio & Music Production degree concentration is designed to give you the audio training, production skills and music experience needed to make it in the audio industry. From signal flow and plug-ins to frequency analysis, you’ll learn the ins and outs of audio science, managing sessions and files as you work toward your audio & music production college degree. You’ll create sub-mixes, mix automation and eventually manage full-cycle studio production. Audio mastering college classes will show you the final steps in preparing a recording for disk manufacture.

As an audio & music production student in this degree concentration, you'll have the chance to generate sounds and effects using a rare Crumar Spirit synthesizer. You'll manage multiple mic inputs with a powerful Millennia 8-channel pre-amp. You’ll edit digital audio and mix music in Pro Tools and Logic, as well as create stunning sonic textures and soundscapes using Native Instruments Komplete, Tassman and Pure Data.

Audio & Music Production Course Highlights

Desktop Production Fundamentals  The introduction music production course exposes you to the software, methods and practices of desktop audio and music production, video editing and content delivery.
Digital Sound Synthesis  This music production course welcomes you to the methods and techniques of digital waveform synthesis. You'll learn digital synthesis instrument design concepts and cover everything from waveforms and spectra to digital filters.
Interactive Audio Production  This music production course teaches you how to apply the tools and methods of audio asset production to interactive media.

Program Learning Outcomes for the B.S. in Digital Audio Technology Degree Program

University of Silicon Valley graduates in Digital Audio Technology will be able to:

AMP LO1: Execute an individual audio production project from concept to delivery according to industry standards
AMP LO2: Demonstrate the application of STEM-based techniques in an audio context
AMP LO3: Apply deep and diversified aesthetic judgement to the creation of audio and music projects
AMP LO4: Create a formal career plan within a chosen subfield of the audio or music industries

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