Faculty Adjunct Professor

BBA, American University of Technology (AUT), Lebanon, Business Computing, 2003;

MBA, IT & CRM, 2005

Executive MBA, Marketing & Advertising, 2006

MBA, HR, 2008;

EMBA, Institute Universitaire Kurt Boch, Switzerland, Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2009

DBA – ABD in Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence, International Technological University (ITU), San Jose, CA

DBA in Business Intelligence in Agile Project Management, California Southern University (CSU), Costa Mesa CA.




KPMG, P&G, SAP, Google, YouTube, CISCO, Yahoo, Verizon, Orange-Telecom, Levi’s, Starbucks, and McDonald’s



Ahmad has had years of leadership and teaching experience in Higher Education. He has worked and taught at AUT; New York College – NYC; State University of New York – SUNY; Institute Universitaire Kurt-Bosch; ITU; UC Berkeley; USV – Silicon Valley University, and William Jessup University. Ahmad enjoys teaching Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Organizational Teamwork, Advertising Strategies, Management Information System, Strategic Management, Business Intelligence Application, and other practical courses. He has contracted with and led projects for several Fortune 100 companies such as KPMG, P&G, SAP, Google, YouTube, CISCO, Yahoo, Verizon, Orange-Telecom, Levi’s, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. Ahmad was part of many research and development projects with Stanford, e-Bay, Avis-Budget, Huwaei, Mercedes, Groupon, Doritos, ADT, Fry’s electronics and many other companies in the Silicon Valley. Ahmad was a consultant for a number of startups, Small and Medium Businesses – SMBs and led the opening of over 60 restaurants. As a Certified Quality Auditor at Lloyds (U.K.) Ahmad helped tens of organizations to procure their ISO and HACCP certifications.

Ahmad helped many entrepreneurs and students to start new companies or/and restructure their current operations such as Khoury home, Edaratgroup, Hoops, Expand cards, Dunkin Donuts, GS, Big Bite, Spinneys’, El Mawasem, Hawa Chicken, Kello Baladi, Abdul Rahman El Hallab, Rifaat Hallab, Tom Sweets and many other companies functioning in Lebanon, Kingdom Saudia Arabia – KSA, United Arab Emirates UAE and Qatar. 

In Silicon Valley, Ahmad has worked on a variety of projects to include autopilot cars (Google Project), Optimizing the Machine Learning Platform at YouTube, Smart chip implants to control diabetes (Intel Project). He also joined and partnered with Jighi, a startup company which organizes the annual Africa Cyber Security Conference in Ivory Coast under the patronage of the US Department of Trade and Commerce. Over the course of his career, Ahmad founded six startups and co-founded four startups in (Marketing & Research, Cybersecurity, Training, IT and Business Consulting).

Ahmad is working on patenting a framework, which is the result of his doctorate research about the transition from the Waterfall into Agile Method in Project Management. Ahmad has published several articles about Project Management, Artificial Intelligence, Organizational Cultures, and Business Intelligence for Agile Project Management in conferences and journals in India, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, and Cambridge. The finding of his research was presented at Harvard Medical School – Boston and at the MIT Museum – Cambridge. 

Currently, Ahmad is the Director of Academics and Corporate Learning at William Jessup University – Tenure Associate Professor and he is the Advisor of the International Graduate School. In addition, Ahmad is the Co-Founder and the Director of Business Development of Jighi. Likewise, he is a Consultant to Enovise for Cybersecurity. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty at USV Silicon Valley University, and UC Berkeley. 

Ahmad’s best saying is: “I’m a Solution…Looking for Problems…”


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