Michael Allan

Director of Digital Art & Animation Adjunct Professor

B.A., Graphic Design
Central Michgan University

M.A., Three Dimentional Art & Filmmaking
Academy of Art University

EA, Perpetual Entertainment, KAZcreations

Michael Kaczmarek is an educator specializing in video game engine technology with 7 full-cycle shipped AAA titles. Michael’s creative approach employs great patience and flexibility with a passion for problem solving.

Michael actively working at USV College in an environment that leverages my vast experience and skills creating highly detailed, believable, and immersive 3D environments and props for video games. His expertise includes; creative problem solving, captivating world creation, extraordinarily levels of polish and artist mentoring.

Michael’s  greatest achievement was working as a Producer on a student film entitled “Freeware” which won the Sundance Film Festival Online Award for “Best Online Short Film”, Best Internet Movie Premiere (iFilm.com) and garnered over 1 million views on YouTube.