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University of Silicon Valley Welcomes Stone Librande from Riot Games to Campus

What is a game "Design Jam”?



On April 14th, in a four hour evening at USV, fourteen student teams formed, brainstormed and developed game concept documents which they presented to the crowd at University of Silicon Valley. Led by Riot Games lead designer, Stone Librande, the creativity of each team was on display as they sketched out:

  • Overall game concept, genre, audience and platform
  • Development plans, timelines and resources for story, characters and game play
  • Marketing approaches with timelines and budgets

The evening ended with an extended Q&A period, where students asked Stone for his perspectives on the industry. As the designer of such hits as Diablo (Blizzard) and Sim City (Electronic Arts), Stone advised students to think of their careers not as an elevator (“I’m going to work at Blizzard right away”) but more like a series of baby steps (work with an unheard of startup and build something great, then bring other good people into your team and they will do the same). Be sure to check out Stone's website for his other projects, slides and gaming content.

Browse through some of the pictures from the evening's workshop