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Career Services & Alumni Relations

Your career starts now.

Career Services at University of Silicon Valley has virtual and campus resources that can help you acquire the knowledge and practical skills that will help you find the right professional opportunity. We’ll do all we can to support you and your career goals starting from day one.

USV Career Ready Plan

Career Ready Plan is a four-stage plan that allows students to develop employment-seeking competencies and prepare for the competitive nature of the job search. Students are highly encouraged to follow the plan and work closely with Career Services Advisor and their Faculty Mentor..

Alumni Fire

The Dragon Network is a grassroots networking community launched by USV community members in March 2019. Join today and start networking!

AlumniFire offers the following resources:

General Career Advice - Get practical advice on finding a job, exploring career paths, and succeeding at work.
Resumes & Feedback - Upload your resume to get instant and personalized feedback.
Portfolio Reviews - Have your work reviewed by your fellow peers and professional network in the industry.
Mentoring - Receive help on career exploration, resume/cover letter writing, interview preparation, and more.

Let's Practice!

USV Career Services wants to make sure you're ready for your new career. This section allows you to complete a mock application which will be submitted to our Career Services team. Someone from the team will call you to set up a mock interview after reviewing your resume and application.

USV View Book

A digital profile of University of Silicon Valley.

USV YouTube Channel

Explore the incredible content created by our students in Real World Project Studios:

  • Project X Productions (award-winning animated shorts)
  • Media Works (projects with companies)
  • Game Studio (games and projects with companies)
  • DataWorX (projects with companies)


Jason Arana

Director of Career Services

Book an appointment with our Director of Career Services, Jason Arana.

Let's Explore your Options!

In this appointment we will discuss the following:
Self-Assessment & Reflection
Explore your Options
Discuss how to meet your unique goals and aspirations

Appointment Request

Career Services - Appointment Request

Career Services Workshop Presentations

The Career Services Department offers many career and job search workshops designed to assist you with your career development.  Workshops are available upon request to student organizations, campus-wide events, and professionals like you!

This is a fireside chat with students and alumni of University of Silicon Valley to engage with them on a wide variety of topics with various examples on this webpage.

Please fill out this form with information on when you might be available to do a Chat with a Pro for our students and alumni for 1 hour via Zoom/Teams. The events are held on Wednesdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm, other days may be substituted based on the availability of the Student Body.

Requests should be submitted two weeks prior to the anticipated presentation date

If you have further questions, please reach out to the Director of Career Services:

Jason Arana, Director of Career Services,

Chat with a Pro Speaker Interest Form

Positions and Places Our Alumni Work

A Sample of Companies That Have Hired Our Alumni

2K Games
Activision Blizzard
Dream works
Electronic Arts White