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Tamryn Spruill takes the reigns as Editor-In-Chief at SB Nation’s Swish Appeal after rising through the ranks at Golden State of Mind: first, as a Contributing Writer/Editor, and then as Associate Editor of Editorial Content. She has been a fan of women’s basketball since the 1996 inception of the WNBA. Her writing has appeared in Teen Vogue, Mask magazine, High-Post Hoops (nee Summitt Hoops), and elsewhere. She is Founder/Editor-In-Chief at Robocup Press, an indie publisher of eccentric hybrid literature and poetry. (She refuses to abandon her artsy fartsy leanings for anyone; she also refuses to forsake her love of basketball.) Tamryn holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Journalism from the University of South Carolina. She stands 5-foot-short on a good day, after lots of yoga, and she is aware of this irony.

This article by USV adjunct faculty member Tamryn Spruill first appeared as one of her regular features for SB Nation’s Golden State of Mind. As Associate Editor for a leading source of news and information surrounding the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, Tamryn fosters exploration of the intersections of sports with race, gender, LGBTQ, and other issues […]

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Tamryn Spruill explains how working with other creative minds keeps the artistic fires burning. In addition to teaching at USV, Tamryn is a contributing writer/editor at Golden State of Mind and her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Mask magazine, and other publications. In 2012, she founded Robocup Press, an indie publisher of hybrid/cross-genre books […]

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In addition to her adjunct faculty role at USV and writing for Teen Vogue, Tamryn Spruill looks at sports from a unique perspective. This article was originally published by Golden State of Mind | Vox Media. The following version is lightly edited… The Golden State Warriors have won two NBA Championships in three consecutive NBA Finals […]

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