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Chris is the founder of Heroic Arcade, a studio that won Best in Show at the Project Tango App Contest with WeR Cubed, an augmented reality 3D puzzle game playable on Google Tango devices. He is the former Senior Embedded Developer at Nest Labs and Senior Software Engineer at Cisco Systems. Chris is the holder of a dozen patents and is the recipient of the USV 2016 President’s Award for Outstanding Student.

2017 has brought a multitude of different virtual reality (VR) devices to the market — each with its own capabilities and features. The scene can be intimidating for the uninitiated consumer or the new VR developer just getting started in virtual reality. While consumers may be wondering which virtual reality devices to add to their […]

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Virtual reality has fascinated the imagination for decades, beginning when science fiction movies got audiences talking and companies imagining the possibilities. But, we don’t have to imagine anymore — virtual reality is no longer a nascent technology. It’s already being used in revolutionary ways across various industries, giving both students and industry professionals reason to […]

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