Inside the Audio World

Join professionals Julius Dobos and Xo Nguyen as they give you an insider's sneak peek at the world of audio production. You will hear about the behind-the-scenes work in electronic music production and performance, and even learn some secrets about the soundtrack of the famous anime series DRAGON BALL Z - directly from its composer!



Wednesday, January 27th

Event Time

6pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)





Guest Speakers

Quick Lesson

Julius Dobos

With over two decades of professional experience as an award-winning composer of electronic and film music, sound synthesist, sound designer & audio engineer, Julius Dobos is internationally known for his work in major motion pictures and television shows (such as You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Zookeeper, Mall Cop, DragonBall Z), in new media, advertising and sound installations.


Xo Nguyen

Acclaimed Vietnamese American electronic musician with numerous collaborations in many top chart records of Vietnamese acclaimed artists. Active electroacoustic music composer/performer with national and international performances in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia. Passionate and dedicated educator with perceptive focus on academic efficiency and student success.

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