University of Silicon Valley Placement Test

University of Silicon Valley requires placement tests in Mathematics, English and Music Theory to assess the competency level of each subject. Placement test may be waived for ACT*, SAT* scores or transfer of credits in one of the above mentioned subjects. Placement test are available to be taken via online/remotely or on-campus.

For more information of placement test contact your Admission Advisor.

MATH - Intermediate Algebra

Multiple choice test including exponents and polynomials, equations and systems of equations in one and two variables, functions and graphs, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

ENGLISH - Grammar and Composition

The test has three parts. The first one is multiple choice testing grammar and sentence clarity. The second part is also multiple choice testing reading and vocabulary. The third part of the test requires a one page written essay on a given topic. Selection among three topics is provided.

MUSIC THEORY (for DAT students only)

The Music Theory Placement Exam tests for basic musical literacy. The ability to read treble and bass clefs and basic rhythmic notation as well as understand common music notation symbols are required to pass the exam and to be placed in Music Theory 1. Only available on-campus.
*ACT and SAT scores may be used to waive placement exams but are not required for admissions. Scores will be reviewed on a case-by-case.